A Groundbreaking Proposal for the Day After Thanksgiving: Not Shopping

You think I’m crazy, don’t you?! (Especially being a fashion blogger) However, here is a list of things you can do rather than shopping. Bake some pumpkin muffins and invite your friends/family over for a brunch! Pull out your favorite Holiday movie and snuggle up with some hot chocolate! (It’s after Thanksgiving now, it is totally […]

Sorry Folks, LL Bean Duck Boots are Already Backordered

You heard it here first: The infamous LL Bean “duck” boots are already on backorder.   With only 86 days left to complete Holiday shopping, it is crunch time to start crossing merchandise off on the infamous “to buy” list and unfortunately the LL Bean website says it “cannot fulfill its orders until November 23rd”. According to […]

Rope Bracelets: The Accessory Must-Have!

Bar Harbor is a dreamy vacation spot in the summer. With the crashing of the ocean, breathtaking smell of the salty air and the creamy taste of Gifford’s ice cream it is every Mainer’s perfect get-a-way destination. Fashion in Bar Harbor is usually geared to a nautical feel. Think blue and white stripes, anchor earrings, […]